Xbox One and Xbox Series X Owners Surprised With New Free Game

An Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S game is now free to download.

Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S users have been surprised with a free download for a game that normally costs $19.99. The game in question was released back on November 7, 2023, so it is fairly new. Is it any good? We don't know because there isn't any user review data on the Microsoft Store nor any data on Metacritic. This is obviously not the promising sign, but it also shouldn't be held against the game. For all we know it is a hidden gem. 

As for what the game is, it is an action-adventure game with an arcade elements called Pirates and Aztecs. As the Microsoft Store listing notes, it is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PC, and mobile devices. Meanwhile, it apparently supports the Hololens as well. 

"You are Lorencillo, a pirate searching for the greatest treasure of all time, the lost treasure of Moctezuma," reads an official blurb of the game from publisher DevelJOPH. "He fights the fearsome Aztecs to obtain a map and a key, but not before resisting the attacks of great Aztec warriors."

The game's official description continues: "Pirates and Aztecs brings back the arcade style, allowing you to live the great emotions of these video games with an updated experience. Show off your natural gamer prowess by breaking blocks, killing enemies, catching prizes, and escaping punishments. Will you be the pirate who finds Montezuma's great lost treasure? Will you have the skills to defeat the fearsome Aztecs? Find out and have fun!"

This deal is naturally only available for a limited time. More specifically, it is only available for another 12 days as of writing this. After April 25, the offer will expire and the game will return to its $20 price point. As for why it is being given away for free, we don't know.

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