Deadpool & Wolverine: New Footage Description From CinemaCon

Deadpool & Wolverine revealed nine minutes of footage at CinemaCon.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is integrating its first outsider franchise this summer. After Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox was finalized in early 2019, Marvel President Kevin Feige teased plans to weave the previously Fox-owned Marvel heroes into the proper MCU canon. Flashes of this came in projects like Ms. Marvel and The Marvels when mutants were name-dropped and showcased, respectively. Those teases reach a fever pitch when Deadpool & Wolverine commenced production, as this project represented the first and only time thus far that Marvel Studios is finishing a trilogy that another studio started. Deadpool & Wolverine's first trailer indicated that the threequel would be a full-blown multiversal adventure, beginning in the timeline that Deadpool 2 left off on and eventually continuing in and across the grander Marvel multiverse.

Disney's CinemaCon presentation kicked off with Deadpool & Wolverine walking through a tunnel. Deadpool says to Logan,"So, I heard Secret Wars is finally gonna introduce...." A phone starts ringing. Wolverine pushes him out of the way and looks into the camera. 

"Hey, bub! You're in a movie theater, turn off you're f-cking phone!" followed by more obscenities and f-words. 

Deadpool jumps back into the frame to say hearing him talk that way make his "d-ck vibrate."

"Nice fourth wall break, didn't think ya had it in ya!"

This footage was likely shot exclusively for this moment, but there's potential for it getting released in tandem with the movie.

"If you're a director and you get to play in the most audacious sandbox there is which is the phenomenal Deadpool franchise... to get to be there everyday, seeing this team up that all of us as fans and audience members have waited 15 years get to see Hugh and Ryan in their most iconic roles, bringing their A+ of A-games everyday was remarkable," director Shawn Levy said to the CinemaCon crowd ahead of the Deadpool & Wolverine footage. "Maybe the most sweet part of this is imagining the team of medical professionals that are monitoring the entire Disney executive staff...We're about to release the first R-rated movie in the MCU." 

Deadpool & Wolverine Showcases New Footage at CinemaCon

(Photo: MCU)

In the Deadpool & Wolverine CinemaCon footage, Wade Wilson gears up to sell cars and in the car, riding in the back between two kids, he curses about the car while describing it and jokes that he doesn't "have a lot of vaginal sex." Peter is back, seeing Wade back at their lockers, and suggests he go back to super hero-ing. Wade says, "I'm done and I'm fine with being done." He does admit, "is this the life I always imagined for myself? F-ck no." 

Elsewhere in New York, Peter and Wade ride bikes. "We're Deadpool," Peter tells him, which Wade disputes. Someone across the street is taking photos of them and Wade notices, denying that today being his birthday is throwing him of. In his apartment, a surprise part is waiting for him. "This was fiveyears ago, you'd all be dead," he jokes. Shatterstar is there, not entertained by Dopinder's stories. Blind Al asks Wade about his sales and is getting impatient about waiting for money from him. 

"I pray everyday that fire finds your body and finishes the job that God didn't have the nuts to do," she tells him. 

Colossus has been watching Great British Bakeoff. Negasonic and Yuko are still together. Blind Al wants to do cocaine and Wade says, "Cocaine is the one thing Feige said is off limits!" Wade catches up with Vanessa, who is seeing a guy named Dermot. Wade is left sad before talking to the group. "It's been a challenging few years," he says. "But I'm happy and that's because of each and every one of you and this is about how proud I am, how grateful I am, to be standing in a room with every single person I love. I'm the luckiest man alive.." He makes a wish and blows out the candle. Someone knocks on the door. It's the TVA. 

Wade thinks they're strippers and that their pruning sticks are for pegging. A portal opens and Wade is pulled through it. He wakes up to Paradox sitting across from him. 

"We're in charge of defending what's known as The Sacred Timeline," Paradox said. 

"That's a shit ton of exposition for a threequel. Is this because I used Cable's time device?" Wade says

The TVA is aware of the "abuse" of the timeline but this has nothing to do with that. Instead, Paraodox claims Wade can save the entire timeline . 

"I suppose I'm going to marvel at how cinematic it is? Indiscriminate cameos?" Wade asks. Paradox tees up footage of Captain America on the screens and Wade salutes them. A clip of Thor hovering over Loki dying in Thor 2 sees Deadpool replacing Loki and Wade is terribly concerned and confused. Paradox believes he is ready to leave his timeline and join the world he has always wanted to. 

"I smell what you're stepping in," Wade says. "I am a messiah. I am Marvel Jesus." Wade runs to the camera, pulls the mic in to frame. He headbutts the lens and it shatters. He gets a whole new suit in another room from a man with a stylish beard and some extra booty spanks. He now has adamantium katanas. 

"Yes, your underwear is getting tighter," Wade declares.

The footage cuts to another scene. Wolverine and Deadpool are riding together and Deadpool mocks his suit. "The X-Men make you wear that?" he asks. "Friends don't let friends leave the house looking like they play for the Los Angeles Rams." 

Deadpool & Wolverine hits theaters on July 26th.