Marvel Reveals New Wolverine Series From Chris Claremont Set in Fan-Favorite Era

Chris Claremont is heading back to the X-Office with another new Wolverine story.

Chris Claremont, the writer behind some of the most popular X-Men stories ever told, is coming back for at least one more go-around. Monday, Marvel announced Claremont as the writer behind the upcoming Wolverine: Deep Cut Series. Claremont crafted the mini-series with artist Edgar Salazar, which will take place during the time when the X-Men were briefly stationed in the Australian Outback.

"One of the amazing things about Chris Claremont's work is how rich and multi-layered his X-Men stories have always been," Marvel editor Mark Basso shared in a press release. "In UNCANNY X-MEN #246, he had to move Wolverine off-stage to get to the plethora of other characters and plotlines he had going."

Wolverine: Deep Cut, naturally, takes place when the character wasn't involved in the Uncanny X-Men line between #246 and #251.

"DEEP CUT is going to finally step back and show what there just wasn't time or space to show of Wolverine before he returned in #251, and make good on that title in all senses of the word!" he continued. "And, in true Marvel fashion, the story here will stand completely on its own, so if you have no idea what those plots entailed, rest assured you've got a complete adventure in this series."

This isn't the first time Claremont and Salazar worked on an X-Men book together. Earlier this year, the two released Wolverine: Madripoor Nights.

"Hard to believe, Bub, I've known Logan for 50 years!" Claremont said in a statement at the time. "And Natasha was in the first Marvel story I ever wrote. This trip back to Madripoor reveals hidden truths about two of my favorite characters on the adventure that shaped their lives."

Philip Tan, the artist charged with doing the covers on Madripoor Nights is also doing the cover work for Wolverine: Deep Cut. Wolverine: Deep Cut #1 is currently scheduled to be released in local comic shops on July 3rd.