WWE 2K24: All Locker Codes and How To Use Them

Use these Locker Codes to get free rewards in WWE 2K24.

WWE 2K24 is finally here, which means players worldwide are jumping in to try out all the latest modes with their favorite Superstars. One of the most prominent modes in this year's release is MyFaction, the WWE 2K24 version of the popular Ultimate Team modes that every sports franchise has these days. While MyFaction isn't as beloved as other Ultimate Team modes, this year's version does include a special wrinkle with Persona cards. If you get these cards, you'll also unlock them for use in other modes, making MyFaction an important place in WWE 2K24. Fortunately, the developers often drop Locker Codes into the game that players can use to rack up free rewards in MyFaction. Below, you'll find an updated list of every Locker Code in WWE 2K24 and a breakdown of how to use them.

How to Use Locker Codes in WWE 2K24

(Photo: 2K Games)

If you've never redeemed a Locker Code, the good news is that it's relatively easy. From the MyFaction main menu, navigate to the "Live" tab and click on it. Once you're in the "Live" menu, flick to the bottom of the screen to select the "Locker Codes" tab. Then, just type in the Locker Code, and you'll redeem the reward.

As far as finding new Locker Codes, your best bet is to keep this page bookmarked. That said, 2K will often announce new codes on its social media or through in-game ads. It's also possible that the team might drop new codes during live WWE events. The NBA 2K team loves to do that with important NBA games, and we might see the WWE 2K team do that more this year, especially with the increased importance of the mode for all players.

All Available Locker Codes in WWE 2K24

As of April 15th, 2024, these are the Locker Codes currently in WWE 2K24:

  • WRESTLEMANIAXL - Cody Rhodes Superstar Series 1 Gold MyFaction Card (Rating: 68), Bailey Superstars Series 1 Silver MyFaction Card (Rating: 64).
  • YOURSTORY2K24 – Elite John Cena (Mattel) Emerald Persona Card and 7,500 VC – Expires April 1st
  • HEADOFTHETABLE - 2x MyFaction packs (Legends Series) + Roman Reigns Free Agent Sapphire (79) card

There is also code in the WWE 2K24 backend hinting at an upcoming Hulk Hogan Persona card that's coming down the line. Make sure to keep your eyes locked in for new codes, and don't forget to input them before they expire. Once they're gone, you won't be able to claim the award unless 2K adds a new code for the reward. We will keep this list updated as more Locker Codes are added to the game.

WWE 2K24 is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC platforms.