Dying Light 2 Adding New Game Mode This Week

Nightmare mode is heading to Dying Light 2.

Techland has announced that it will soon be adding an all-new game mode to Dying Light 2. Since its launch in early 2022, Techland has continued to bring new updates and DLC to help build out the experience even further. These post-release additions aren't slated to end any time soon, as a major new expansion for DL2 is also on the horizon. In the near term, though, a new mode will be dropping in-game later this week that the studio has now detailed. 

Outlined on Techland's official blog, it was revealed that Nightmare Mode will be brought to Dying Light 2 on Thursday, April 18. This mode is similar to the one that was seen in the original Dying Light and is meant to offer a more hardcore experience for players. While it's quite similar to the Nightmare Mode from the previous game, Techland has said that it has also incorporated new elements that take into account the various changes that have been seen in DL2

"Nightmare Mode removes the majority of HUD elements," said Techland's description of the new addition. "To notice an enemy, you will need to rely on your eyes and ears, instead of checking the UI markers. Additionally, we rebalanced some of the gameplay aids, such as Boosters, so that their use could become more tactical and involve a level of consideration on the player's side. We took great care in making this mode as immersive and atmospheric as possible, so we borrowed the flickering flashlight from the first Dying Light."

Beyond these alterations, Techland has also tweaked how stamina works in Dying Light 2. Dubbed "Tactical Stamina," this new system for Nightmare mode will require players to pay more attention to how they use their stamina as it now regenerates much more slower. As a result, it's easier to be killed in Dying Light 2 if you're not managing your stamina appropriately as enemies have the ability to overrun you more quickly. 

As mentioned, the biggest addition coming in the future to Dying Light 2 is the game's second major story expansion. Details surrounding "DLC 2" have yet to be provided by Techland, but it is known that this add-on will feature a new map and gameplay systems. This add-on is slated to come about later in 2024 with a more specific month still not provided.