Star Wars Outlaws Locks Jabba the Hunt Mission Behind $110 Version of the Game

Want to work for Jabba? It's gonna cost you a lot of credits, smuggler.

When Star Wars Outlaws releases this summer, the game will feature several iconic characters like Jabba the Hutt. We've known for almost a year now that players will be able to take on jobs for the intergalactic gangster, but the game's official website has revealed that the option won't be available to all players. It seems that "Jabba's Gambit" will be an "exclusive mission available at launch" for those that buy the game's Gold Edition or the Ultimate Edition. Those versions cost $109.99 and $129.99 respectively, versus the Standard Edition price of $69.99. 

We don't know if Jabba's Gambit will be fully exclusive for those buyers, or if it's a timed exclusive that will be available for purchase separately in the future. One of the coolest things about Star Wars Outlaws is the fact that its setting allows players to interact with fan favorite characters like Jabba and Qi'ra. Locking some of the content related to one of those characters behind a paywall is sure to frustrate some Star Wars fans! Over the last few years, there's been a lot of controversy surrounding $70 games, with many consumers feeling like the price is unjustified. Making people spend even more on top of that price is not going to win over anyone on the fence, and there are already some warning signs about the game. 

Star Wars Outlaws Frustrations

News about the exclusive Jabba content is just the latest frustration associated with Star Wars Outlaws. Last week, it was revealed that physical copies of the game will require an internet connection to install. Fans blasted the decision by Ubisoft not to include a playable build on the physical disc, as not everyone has reliable internet or unlimited data. Some also pointed to recent comments from Ubisoft's Philippe Tremblay, who told in February that people need to get "comfortable with not owning" their games

Star Wars Outlaws Release Date and Platforms

Star Wars Outlaws is slated to release August 30th on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, but those who purchase the Gold and Ultimate Editions will get access three days early. It will be interesting to see if these issues will hurt the game's sales, or if the final product will be able to win fans over. It's possible the game could end up being enjoyable in spite of these issues, but at the very least it could convince some people to wait for the kind of price drops that a lot of Ubisoft games get shortly after launch. The reality is, Star Wars fans have no shortage of media to consume in the meantime. Anyone hungry for material that takes place between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi can always read the current Marvel Star Wars comics instead. 

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