New Primal Promo Sparks Buzz Over Season 3

Primal fans are even more curious for Season 3 with Adult Swim's latest promo!

Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal is currently in the works on returning to Adult Swim for Season 3, and a new promo has sparked some major theories about what the new season could be tackling! Primal Season 2 ended with a pretty definitive ending for Spear and Fang's story after two seasons of surviving the wilderness together, so there was a question as to whether or not there could be future seasons of the animated series. When a third season was announced last Summer, it started getting fans wondering about what new characters and stories the series is going to tell from here on out. 

While it has been some time since Primal Season 3 has been announced, Adult Swim has not shared many updates on the production. Adult Swim recently debuted a new promo featuring Primal, and while these promos usually don't necessarily tie into the canon or tease future events, the increased focus on Lord Darlington from the Season 2 episode, "The Primal Theory" has fans wondering if we'll not only see the character again but whether or not he's truly a descendant of Spear's bloodline given how the promo evolves. Check it out below as spotted by Swimpedia on X. 

What to Know for Primal Season 3

Primal Season 3 has yet to announce a release window or date as of the time of this publication, nor have any concrete story details been revealed for the new episodes. There's a chance we could follow one of Spear's descendants, or new characters altogether given the range of Primal's timeline in its narrative. Series creator Genndy Tartakovsky did tease last year that he had a "spectacular" idea for the new season in an interview with 

"I have something in mind that is so spectacular I cannot wait to do it, and we're trying to figure out how to do it," Tartakovsky revealed. "It's a brand new world, but I'm so into it. I think everybody's going to love it. It's a very natural progression without giving anything away, but I've got more things for the Primal world and I cannot wait to do more." Could this mean more of Lord Darlington? 

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