My Hero Academia Teases Deku's Return to the War

My Hero Academia Chapter 420 is bringing Deku back to the action!

My Hero Academia seemed like it was going to sideline Izuku Midoriya after a massive injury, and the newest chapter of the series is setting up Deku's return to the final fight! Things have taken a terrible turn in the final fight against Tomura Shigaraki as Deku's plan to connect with him within his mind technically did work but not in the way Deku was hoping. While Deku was able to figure out why Shigaraki was on such a path to destruction, this ended up weakening Shigaraki to the point that All For One was fully able to take control of his body

Getting thrown out of Shigaraki's mind revealed that All For One now had fully control of the body, and Deku was left without both of his arms as they had been destroyed by his direct contact with Shigaraki's Decay. This seemed like it would be the end for Deku in this final fight, but the newest chapter has already flipped things around is Deku is on the way back to the fight thanks to Eri's Rewind power. It's just a matter of figuring out how well he's going to be able to fight now. 

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My Hero Academia: Deku Recovers His Arms

My Hero Academia Chapter 420 reveals that before Shota Aizawa warped to Deku's side in the previous chapter, Eri actually broke off her horn and gave it to Aizawa to help Deku. It was explained that while the power within the horn itself was minimal, and would only be able to rewind a couple of minutes at the most, this turned out to be just what Deku needed as he hasn't been without his arms for that long (as time passed by at a different pace within Shigaraki's mind). 

When Aizawa touches Deku with Eri's horn, the Rewind quirk starts to slowly build back Deku's arms. The chapter comes to an end as it teases it's going to be a slow process of bringing them back, but it's clear that Deku will soon be able to fight with the rest of Class 1-A as they poise for the real final fight against All For One. But without One For All's power, Deku's place in this final fight is still a mystery. 

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