WWE Raw: The Latest Uncle Howdy Tease Leads to Multiple Cryptic Clues

The latest Uncle Howdy tease was revealed on WWE Raw.

Since the airing of the Bray Wyatt documentary on Peacock, fans have been eagerly awaiting clues as to when Uncle Howdy will arrive. At the end of the documentary, a brief clip of Bo Dallas as Uncle Howdy is shown, and many inferred this being the return of the character. This very much seems to be the case as various clues have been littered throughout WWE programming much like Bray used to do with QR codes and glitches.

It began with a glitch on the Raw after WrestleMania and have only increased since. Most recently, the WWE X (formerly Twitter) account was hacked with a simple "Hello." repeated over and over. It was taken down rather quickly but the internet sleuths were able to grab a quick screenshot of the post. Then came last week's SmackDown where there were multiple glitches during the show. Once for the fans in attendance during commercial break and once during the women's match with the phrase "you forgot about us."

On tonight's episode of WWE Raw, yet another tease popped up on the screen, albeit for just a split second. This time, the QR code led fans to a jumbled up link on WWE.com. After deciphering in by juxtapositioning the photos on top of one another, it gave another link. When that was typed into the search bar a photo with a cryptic file name was yet another clue, "PATIENCE_ItsAlmostTime.jpg." The video alongside it played with many symbols and underneath those symbols were various phrases: "Time to wake up. Take my hand. Things will be better. Trust me." Within the source code on the website lied another message: "An open door is a welcome that makes a stranger into a friend."

Will Uncle Howdy Show Up Alone?

In the past few days fans have speculated that a former member of the Wyatt Family, Erick Rowan, may be on his way back to WWE. According to one of his independent bookings, Rowan had to cancel due to "contractual obligations," an excuse that many contracted WWE talent will give so as not to reveal they have signed a contract. With all of the teases being centered around multiple people, it seems plausible that Uncle Howdy won't be showing up to WWE programming alone. A return of the sole Wyatt Family member would tie into the story perfectly. Rowan hasn't appeared in a WWE ring since his release in 2020, but he was invited to the Bray celebration done by WWE when he tragically passed away last year.

What do you make of the teases thus far? Are you excited for the return of Uncle Howdy? Let us know in the comments!