Critical Role's Midst Gets New Comic

The epic space-Western show Midst has its first spin-off on the way with an upcoming comic release.

Critical Role and Third Person have partnered with Dark Horse Comics to bring the cosmos of Midst to audiences, expanding the podcast to the world of comics in a spin-off of the space-Western in Midst: Address Unknown, the first of three entries into the comic miniseries. Midst: Address Unknown is set for a release later this year and is available for preorder now wherever you purchase comics for $7.99.

Third Person had the following to say about the comic miniseries' upcoming debut: "Midst has always aspired to be more than just a podcast, so it is incredibly exciting to announce our collaboration with Dark Horse to tell more Midst stories in new ways. This collection introduces new aspects of the Midst storyverse, spanning the past, present, and future of the show's timeline, revealing new heights and depths throughout the cosmos. This is a dream come true for us, and we can't wait to share these new tales."

In Midst: Address Unknown, siblings Rowan and Ogden Shearwater have to make the most out of a terrible situation when their postal ship crashes on a mysterious new land. The adventurous of the two siblings, Ogden convinces Rowan to make a fresh start in the islet that sits between the Un and Fold ... but Midst holds dangers that will challenge the sibling's familial bonds as well as their own wills to survive. The first issue, Midst: Address Unknown, is written by Colin Lorimer featuring art by Alejandro Aragón, colors by Chris O'Halloran, letters by Jim Campbell, and cover art by William Kirkby. The oversized issues will each feature a new story provided by a new creative team, with the first issue spanning 56 pages. The cover is pictured below:

(Photo: Dark Horse Comics, Critical Role, Third Person)

If you're unfamiliar with Midst but deem yourself a fan of Critical Role or Firefly, the podcast and this upcoming comics miniseries is right up your alley. Even still, you may find yourself asking:

What Is Midst?

Midst was created by an anonymous trio known as Third Person and began January of 2020, originally releasing up until April 2022. The podcast is described as "an immersive, semi-improvised sci-fantasy series in which three mysterious and unreliable narrators spin a tale about complicated antiheroes making bad decisions in a world on the edge of disaster." Midst was acquired by Critical Role in 2023, who then remastered the podcast's first two season and produced the show's third and final season, which is currently running. While Midst may be coming to an end, the partnership between Critical Role and Third Person has only just begun, and the comic spin-off is a promising sign that there are more stories to share from the islet of Midst.

In the podcast series, a trio of unreliable narrators spin a surreal, epic space-Western story about complex antiheroes who make bad decision after bad decision while the world around them is on the edge of disaster. Midst provides a unique storytelling experience through fourth wall breaks and a stream-of-consciousness presentation style designed to engage the audience's imagination. New episodes of Midst's third season are available every Wednesday.

Midst: Address Unknown (1 of 3) arrives in comic shops on August 14, 2024. Will you experience it for the first time with the comics miniseries, or are you already a Midst fan ready to love it even more? Let us know in the comments or chat with us on X!