Pokemon Director Talks Lunar New Year Anime Project

The pocket monsters have released a new anime short to ring in the New Year...Lunar that is.

Pokemon's main anime adaptation might mostly focus on the pocket monsters participating in battles of attrition, but the franchise has been taking the opportunity in recent years to show off their more peaceful sides. Recently, to help ring in the Lunar New Year, a new animated short arrived that featured Pokemon hanging out with their owners in peaceful scenarios. With the short going viral and netting some serious views, the director of the animated video shared their thoughts on both the project and the franchise as a whole.

Pokemon Horizons might no longer focus on Ash Ketchum, as the previous anime star has wanted into the sunset following his World Championship victory, but battles are still fast and furious. While new stars Liko and Roy aren't attempting to become the strongest trainers in the world, they find themselves getting into several battles as they are pursued by the new villain group known as the Explorers. While the anime adaptation already has released dozens of episodes in Japan, North American fans will be able to catch the English Dub on Netflix later this month on February 23rd.

Pokemon Celebrates The Lunar New Year

While the animated short made its way to the internet several days ago, the Official Pokemon YouTube channel only recently dropped the video on its channel. Much like Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, the short takes the opportunity to highlight pocket monsters hanging out with their owners without focusing on fighting. Recently, Netflix released a stop-motion animated series titled Pokemon Concierge that also focused on the pocket monsters receiving serious rest and relaxation. 

The director of this anime short, Kuo, released comments about the new Pokemon animated short, "I've loved Pokemon since I was little. I never thought that I would be able to create an anime about Pokemon, which I have always loved, as an adult, so I am very happy and honored. Producing an anime is difficult, but it was a lot of fun because it's about my favorite Pokémon. This is an anime that the whole studio put a lot of effort into making, so I hope everyone will enjoy it!"

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