Pokemon Ropes in New Cast for Paldea's Elite 4

Pokemon Horizons: The Series has cast its Four Heavenly Kings of Paldea.

It seems like Pokemon is ready to bring another Elite 4 group to life on screen. Not long ago, the anime fandom learned about a new arc coming to Pokemon Horizons: The Series. The 'Terrastal Debut' arc promises to keep Roy and Liko busy as they continue their trainer adventures. And now, we have learned who all will be voicing the Elite Four of Paldea.

The update comes from Anime Japan 2024 as The Pokemon Company marked the event with a casting announcement. It seems the Elite 4 for Paldea have been cast as Mitsuki Saiga will lead the group as Chili. Miri Takagishi and Ryotaro Okiayu will follow suit as Poppy and Hassaku. And finally, Kohsuke Toriumi will bring Aoki to life on screen.

The big reveal confirms the Elite 4 are ready to make their Paldea debut, and the new Pokemon cast members are eager to join the series. In special letters to fans, each voice actor wrote about their love of Pokemon, so you can read up on their character notes below:

  • Mitsuki Saga: "You'll get a chance to meet Chili really soon! I'm having a lot of fun playing her so I hope you all look forward to her debut. Let's all get pumped up watching Pokemon together! Thank you!"
  • Miria Takagishi: "[Poppy is] so wide and cute! I guess someone so itty bitty really can become a member of the Elite Four after all, but it's still hard to wrap my head around. I was shocked when the day came when I'd get to play this cute little Poppy, but I was also so, so happy!"
  • Kohsuke Toriumi: "I think those of you who've played the video games already have an idea of what kind of role Aoki is. Of course, he's already had a brief non-speaking cameo in this show. So I think everyone already has an idea of who this guy is. I'm really having a lot of fun playing him. I don't don't know if fun is a good word to describe the character himself, but let's put that aside for now to say I'll be doing my best to life up to, or maybe even exceed, the version of Aoki everyone already has in their minds."
  • Ryotaro Okiayu: "I hope you'll see Hassaku works hard at his job as a teacher but then also has a cute side to him as well. So in other words, he's a character with a lot of fun things about him."

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