Winnie the Pooh Star Kickstarts Pokemon Crossover in New Podcast

A special podcast crossover has brought Winnie the Pooh into the World of Pokemon.

When it comes to your fave childhood series, there is a good chance Jim Cummings was involved. The legendary voice actor has been in dozens of shows to date, and their tenure with kids TV goes way back. Most famously, the actor brought Winnie the Pooh to life in Disney's classic animated series. And in a new podcast special, the star has kickstarted Pooh's own Pokemon journey.

The whole thing went live this week as Toon'd In with Jim Cummings posted its latest episode. It was there the veteran voice actor sat down with Veronica Taylor for a spell. The actors talked all things voice acting as you can imagine given Taylor's tenure on Pokemon as Ash Ketchum. So before long, Pooh found himself stepping into Ash's shoes.

Thanks to some coaching from Taylor, Cummings was able to bring Pooh into the World of Pokemon. The actor channeled Pooh as he delivered a few of Ash's most famous lines which you can preview in the clip above. But instead of having Pikachu by his side, Pooh began his gym journey with Piglet.

Obviously, Cummings' crossover has gone viral, and Pokemon fans are loving the nod. It would not too much to say Cummings was the voice of childhood for millions of people. The same goes for Taylor as they brought Ash Ketchum to life in the original anime. The actress over saw the role for years before successor Sarah Natochenny came onto the scene. Millions of fans grew up with the English voice of Ash in their ears along with the cast of Winnie the Pooh. And now, the pair have come together in one of the most unexpected crossovers possible.

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